The further I go into writing the dynamics of Barbadango and Katrina's relationship, I find myself changing and fine-tuning their individual personalities quite a bit from how I originally imagined them as two separate characters.  



Some initial character sketches of Barbadango, the fierce, fire-wielding, Autumn Knight.



Last night I completed this map of the world I've begun developing for my comic book venture "Barbadango". The world is called Zoika and it is made up of five regions: the Autumn kingdom of Humberthorn, the Winter kingdom of Slinderthorn, the Spring kingdom of Garnathorn, the Summer kingdom of Mermathorn, and the Troll territory of Teraglyph.

As you can see, each kingdom has its Guardian team of one warrior Knight and one magical Gnome. Initially the Spring Knight was going to be a spider before I decided on making him an iguana and the Summer Knight was going to be a blue frog, but then I recently changed my mind and made him a blue crab. Without going into detail (to avoid spoilers), this map shows the original Autumn Gnome and Knight (a fox) instead of Katrina and Barbadango.



Here's a tiny sneak peek at what I'll be working very hard at in 2013 and so far it's extremely fun with very promising prospects. I've always wanted to make comics ever since I got out of art school, but simply could NEVER find enough time to materialize any of my ideas to their full extent. But this one's got legs and for once I will not come up with excuses and I will bust myself to the limit to make sure this happens. Wish me luck!


Untitled Dracula Project

These are the first of a few character sketches for another one of my insane comic ideas: an adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula reimagined as a Gothic Space Opera. Here we have star-crossed lovers Count Konstantine and Fay (i.e. Dracula and Mina). Terrible pose of him by the way... he looks like he's doing some sort of goofy dance.